Sunday, 18 July 2010

My Digital Studio (MDS) - Don't knock it until you try it !!

When I first started hearing about digital scrapbooks, I think I dismissed the idea just as fast as I'd heard about it.  Quite honestly, It has been a couple of years of collecting all kinds of paper from the pretty patterned, and textures, card stock, vellum and mulberry paper.  I didn't pass the craft store without picking up a couple of the "Pound of paper' packs because I hated the idea of trimming a full sheet of paper just to make a few punches or tags. I had blocks of paper X2 in a couple of different company's renditions and I often quipped about how if our house were to ever catch fire that with all my pretty paper..  well it wouldn't be a good thing for us at that point.. just leave it at that..

I had become a regular fixture on E-bay; collecting ribbons, fibres, eyelets, punches, die cuts, stencils and such. I'd been playing with embossing, pastels, and so many other techniques that I just could not wrap my head around the idea of a digital scrapbook. Honestly, what was the point if not to play with all of the different colors and textures and make something truly beautiful at the end of the day?

So enter's one of my best friends Jenn - who coincidentally is also my Stampin' Up! Up-line - she'd been telling me about MDS for a bit, and offerred to bring up her laptop to show me this new toy.

I was pretty skeptical to say the least but I promised I'd give it a chance and take a look..   Well!  To say the least I was blown away.  In just a few minutes she'd taken a couple of photos from a USB key and she had two pages done and ready for journalling.  Even I had to admit that MDS is pretty awesome.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not about to convert to digital by any means.  I love the actual putting together of everything too much for that..   but as the family history nut in my family this has opened a whole new window of opportunity as far s personalized gifts.   The idea of doing up a page that can be printed and then framed or e-mailed to multiple family members is also a big bonus..

Here are the two pages that Jenn made that day..  Score one for MDS!    I'll be putting in my order for MDS in a few weeks so that I can get better acquainted with the software and start working on some personalized gifts for some special friends and family  - but don't expect me to ditch my albums any time soon..  I don't think my passion for paper, and embellishments will let me go there completely - at least not any time soon :)


Jennifer said...

So glad you loved My Digital Studio! It is definitely not going to "take over" traditional scrapbooking. There truly is nothing like touching actual photos, and die cuts and punches, and stamping and adhesive and ribbon, and brads and oh my!!! But it is a fantastic way to plan layouts, get them up on your blog, email them to family far away.. I love making stationary with it...blog headers etc.

You'll love it more and more!!

Enjoy the digital addiction!


Tammy @ the FamilyZoo said...

Thanks Jen!