Sunday, 15 August 2010

Big Inspiration in Tiny Packages..

Spent a little time this weekend playing with my new big shot and build a bear dies with our 4 year old niece who was down for the weekend. We don't see her very often so it's always a treat to see her. 

When I first ordered the Build a bear set, I already had Paper dolls and my mother inlaw and I had been discussing how much fun we would have sharing these with Amanda. 

Well I started out running some paper through the die cutter so I could make a few bits to get started. Of course she came by and wanted to know what I was making so I showed her. Well! There is a future Scrapbooker in the making. She made a whole army of teddybears, and was so tickled pink to make her sandwiches, and crank the arm herself. 

I teased her that I was going to take her to my scrapbooking classes. When she asked why I told her that lots of big people like Auntie think they can't do this, and she could show them how easy it is. She (gotta love her) says Oh I can show them, I do this ALL THE TIME.. I've done this a thousand times. I said Oh have you? and she says Yes, at my home. (she hasn't).. but it was truly priceless. 

I wanted to take a picture of Amanda and her army of bears but her parents aren't fond of the idea of pictures of her being shared on the net. After she went to bed I cut out some extra bears in a variety of colors and clothing in patterned and plain paper in a bunch of different colors and put them in bags. I made a couple of outfits and embellished them with eyelets. Wrote a little note with a gel pen and left it on the table besides the bags of bears and parts I'd made her. Then I took some assorted dies from my stash and put them in separate bags on the table. On my note I wrote "For Amanda: thanks for playing with me. It was beary fun. Love Auntie Tammy XOXO. 

Well I understand she got up this morning and came out to the table and saw the bags. Dumped them all out on the table and started playing right where she'd left off. Tonight before they left she (who is usually very standoffish) came over and said Thank you for helping me. I told her she was welcome. I thought she was referring to carrying her toy for her that we'd bought. She went on to say "Thank you so much for helping me make all those bears". I asked her if she'd had fun and she said she had. I told her that next time I see her she'll make some more and she was all smiles. If that isn't a glowing product endorsement I don't know what is.. 

Thanks SU for giving a Teddy Bear Nut an awesome afternoon with an amazing young lady. I can hardly wait for my friend to come over this week with her kids, as her daughter loved my paper dolls - she will be so excited when she sees all the supplies to make an army of bears. 

I put a really good dent in the using up of my Stash of other source paper this weekend so it's an extra win win for everyone. I will post some samples this week.. 

Have you made anything with the build a bear dies or stamps?  I'd love to see your creations! Drop me a line either in comments here or via e-mail at iscrapnstamp@gmail.com 

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