Monday, 25 October 2010

Last Call For Pre-Registration for Nov 7 Crop..

Happy Monday to all of my ScrapNStamp Pals!

Seems that when I sent out my reminder e-mail yesterday to nudge everyone who might have wanted to get in on the $5 bonus for reserving a spot ahead of time, my computer decided to hold onto it and it only went out this this afternoon when I rebooted my machine - OOPS!  

So I wanted to let everyone know that I am extending the pre-reg bonus until tonight for anyone that may have forgotten to mark it on the calendar before now. 

Not pre-registering? That's ok, you can still come out to play - after today though the Crop fee will be the full $30.  

With this being my last Crop-Til-You Drop at the Cardinal Legion of 2010, I have been plotting some extra draw prizes, and surprises for this event.  Don't miss out !!

If there is enough interest, we could book a different venue for an all day Crop in December, but we will play that by ear -- it would likely be a Saturday though. 

Hope to see you at my ScrapNStamp Tables Soon..   


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