Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Product Feature of the Week - Big Shot Die Cutter

Here's your Big Shot!  Wouldn't YOU like to Own One?
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I'm the first one to admit that when I first looked at the Big Shot, I'd dismissed it as just another die cutter and hadn't given it another thought.  I already owned 2 Sizzix machines from back in my days as a Home Daycare Provider, and a Beaver/Spark Leader and I had recently been gifted a Cricut - I had umpteen dies as well What more could I possibly need?  (I can hear some of you saying "Famous last Words... Famous Last words..."  LOL) 

Enter my good friend Jen.  She brought her Big Shot over to my house one day when we had gotten together to play.  She pulled out her pillow box die and made a quick and cute little gift box in what seemed like a wave of her hand and that was it, she had my attention.  I'd never seen any of the 3-D dies up til that point.  She then cut a couple of different sheets with the Top Note die to show me how versatile this  Die was, and that even if I didn't want the Big Shot, I just had to have this die.  
I thought the machine was going to be big and clunky -- and HEAVY.  Boy was I wrong!  My original Sizzix is about 13 pounds.  In comparison, the Big Shot is light as can be.  That put along with the realization that the Big Shot can do everything my old Sizzix can do, and more without making all the dies I'd collected obsolete..  well I was excited now.  

At that point I moved into the next phase of my Love Affair with the Big Shot - How to convince my teddybear that we needed this shiny new toy.  It is then that I become reminded of how differently men and women think about these things.  I decided to think about it for a while and left it at that.  
At my next crop I invited him to lift my Sizzix.  Now I have to tell you that he looked at me like I was a little nuts since he's just carted all of my "stuff" in and helped to set it up - so he was a little confused as to why I wanted him to weight lift some more.  "Just humor me," I said.  He Did.  I started telling him about the differences between the two machines and highlighted the weight difference between the two, coupled with the fact that this new machine would cut circles around my paper weight.  My hubby lifted the sizzix, looked right at me and said you're ordering this when?  ... So began the discussion at my crop of how I have the perfect husband for a Craft-Loving wife.  <3  I think he's pretty awesome too.  
I am in LOVE with the embossing folders, and the top note die and have begun collecting corresponding punches so that I can layer similar shapes to add dimension to all of my projects. My only piece of constructive criticism is that I need to find a more efficient way in which to store and transport my collection as what I'm doing now isn't particularly effective. 

I've never been one to want to part with my old toys.  I still have every game system I've ever owned, going back to the Sega and NES and original Gameboy if that gives you any idea.  Though after buying myself a 2nd Big Shot to reduce wait times at my Crops and classes, I decided that  I need the shelf space far more than I need to keep my old toys.  So away they go! I can use that valuable real estate for more dies, punches and toys  

Did you know that you can cut over 50 different material types and duplicate creative and often intricate designs quickly and easily?

Did you know that Stampin' Up! offers punches and stamps that also coordinate with its Big Shot dies to add an almost unlimited flexibility to all of your paper crafting projects?

Did you know that with a Big Shot you can cut over 50 types of raw materials, quickly and easily?  
Stampin' Up! has developed a variety of these materials including: fabric, four colors of raw vinyl sheets and needed transfer sheets (Gray, White, Kraft, and Chocolate). You can also purchase raw chipboard sized specifically for the Big Shot. Check out this listing of Big Shot Materials for Bigz and Original Dies.

New products are being added to the product line all the time so check back often to see what exciting new  ideas are coming our way.

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