Friday, 5 November 2010

Scrappin' and Stampin' at the Family Zoo

It occurred to me today that while several crafty friends, and Stampin' Connection acquaintances and colleagues have been doing a blog-hop of sorts and checking out each other's blogs that when I started responding and watching them that I had used my "regular" Google account to do so.  That in and of itself isn't a huge deal - but it occurs to me that many of you wouldn't have any reason to equate Tammy of "iScrapNStamp" with Tammy of the FamilyZoo..  so I thought perhaps an entry was in order..   :)

When I met my teddybear, he was a single Dad with 3 kids - then 2, 4 and 5.  They had a cat, fish, hamsters, rats and degus that had not made the move with his ex. When we moved in together I added 3 more cats that I'd flown across Canada with me to join us as a family.  I'd found homes for my own fish and rodents before I left Vancouver as I didn't want to add to the menagerie I was heading into.

Unfortunately the cats didn't get along so well, and they were not at all hesitant in letting us know they weren't happy with their new room-mates.  In the end one ran away and was never found and the others we ended up finding new homes for as the daily destruction was a lot more than we could handle.

In any case, over the years we've had a variety of animals.  For many years I was also a home daycare provider - with Kindergarten kids in half days, as well as before and after school kids and summer vacation - well at different times of the day you might find up to 10 or so kids at the house.  I used to joke "I live in a zoo, I live in a zoo"..  I figured with that many kids and critters in one house you didn't have to be crazy, but perhaps it might help.. :)

I've always been a fan of the Family Circus comic strip of years ago and it was certainly with tongue in cheek that the Familyzoo became what I dubbed my household and now some 14 years later, the kids are all pretty much grown and my house is still known as the Familyzoo.

These days we have a pair of african fat tailed geckos, 2 cockatiels, 3 pairs of mated lovebirds and one of their babies, along with several tanks of fish and 2 small dogs.  What can I tell you?  It's usually interesting, rarely boring..   and it's HOME..

So if you happen to see Tammy @ The Familyzoo on your blog..  you know it's just another Scrappin' and Stampin' gal out taking a stroll through the creative minds in her midst.  Don't be afraid to wave and say hi..  I don't bite :)



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