Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Announcing - Temporary Changes to our Starter Kit

I hope that you'll all forgive me for being a bit of a chatterbox this morning (having said that I can already hear several of you saying "this morning?"  LOLs)  - This has been a busy week or so already and I haven't had the chance to devote to my blog as much as I might like, so I'm in a bit of catch-up mode today.  Thanks in advance for your patience.  :)

Since the announcement that our Stampin' Scrubs are unavailable, and we don't know when they will again be available the item has been removed from our Starter kit and replaced with an additional stamp set.  

HQ has decided to choose Greenhouse Garden for this replacement, but as always you can modify your kit to put in any stamp set of the same value or less. 

We hope that we'll be able to alert you very soon that a solution has been found to the Stampin' Scrub issue, but until then let me know if you need some alternate ideas for cleaning your stamp pads in the meantime. 



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