Sunday, 5 December 2010

Welcome to Winter..

Well it's certainly winter in Cardinal today!  I keep trying to donate my portion of the snow fall to my little sister in Vancouver -  I think it would be GREAT for her to have snow for Christmas.  If I take up a collection now we might be able to get enough support to make that happen thus year..  ;)

I'm coming up on 36+ hours of awake time at the moment.  It wasn't planned but just  sort of evolved in the middle of a crafting session.  One minute it's 2:30 and I'm thinking I'd better get to bed,  but then I had an idea that I just had to try and the next thing I knew my teddybear was coming done the stairs with the dogs in hot pursuit looking at me in what can only be construed as a what the heck were you thinking face..  Thankfully it turned to more amused when he said "And what do you have to say for yourself "  and I smiled and said "Lookie honey Cards!" and held up a huge freezer bag stuffed wuth cards..  :)  I made 65 cards last night, as well as some 3D projects to add to what I'd collected to sell at the Craft Fair today..     Some where cards that I

The show was very well attended by both vendors and holiday shoppers. A few familiar faces stopped by to say hi as well as a few lades who had only talked to me about Stampin' up via email or on FB for quite some time so it was really great to finally meet them face to face.  Got to indulge in a few really good chats with local crafty ladies (sorry guess the guys were too quiet.. LOL  )  Even got a few new catalogs to take a wander through between now and Christmas which is always good.

Two lucky door prize winners each won 4 hand stamped cards and envelopes, and a certificate for a free class for themselves and 3 friends.  Congratulations Marlayne and Linda!

A big thanks to everyone who came out today to support our local vendors as we join our Legion in support of our local branch.  There were a lot of great prizes donated with all proceeds from the raffle sales as well as the proceeds from the vendor table rentals are to be donated to the homeless veterans fund.  I'm so glad that I was able to be part of this day. It is a sad reality that such a fund is necessary but I'm glad to contribute.  There are plans to hold another event in March of next year  which is fabulous news!!

I took a pile of pictures overnight of different cards as I went through making them - unfortunately my camera is in the car at the moment, but I will post them over the next few days.. lot of different designs in multiples and in some cases different takes on designs.  I just love how you can make the exact same card completely different by changing a ribbon or embellishment, or changing the color choice and voila two very similar yet not completely different cards..  

I'm having a lot of fun with that..  jumping out of my comfort zone a little and experimenting with colors and combinations I wouldn't normally gravitate towards.     Now that the craft show is behind me I'll be working on the December newsletter - though most of the December news was in the November newsletter a little early - I'd also like to send out some sneak peaks and hints from our upcoming January classes and specials.

I apologize to anyone who's been emailing me lately and not getting answers in a timely manner,  Apparently our ISP has dubbed our ip address as a spammer this week and did a lock down and it's a time release to get out of it.  Really odd since I haven't really been on the computer much this week -  all the virus scanners have been updated however and I'm at a loss.  Heard today that someone else up the block from us had the same trouble and it seems funny that all of this happens just after we have a few major outages and finally get back online..    In any case - if in doubt - give me a call..    :)

On the agenda this week  my Calendar for late December and January leading into our New occasions mini and Sale-a-Bration!  If you have a date in mind please let me know soon so that I can put your name on it..

Chat soon ..

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