Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sound the Trumpets & Blare the Horn!

I noticed this morning that the e-version of our demonstrator magazine is posted for us all to take a look.  I'd forgotten that this was the month that my promotion would be reflected among my fellow demonstrators.  I am so jazzed and just had to share!

I also wanted to sound that trumpet for my good friend and upline Jennifer DiMarco who is also being recognized for a promotion this month.  Way to Go Jen!  My hubby wanted to know if her promotion had anything to do with mine, and I said 'maybe a little bit' so now he's joking about me getting brownie points for helping to boost her up a little..   I thought that was funny..   it's all good..  friends support friends and I am fortunate to have found a few awesome ones..

In any case, I just wanted to shout out a little fanfare and procession for my colleagues and friends who climbed a little higher up the ladder today.  I am also sending out a bouquet of sunshine and happiness to all of my customers and friends who helped me get achieve this goal.  I couldn't have done it without you!!

We got news from the contractor yesterday.  Looks like we could be starting to do primer on some of the rooms as early as Saturday..   I can't wait.  We were talking paint colors yesterday and someone mentioned sponge painting the wall or bag painting a wall and without missing a beat I said ' sure, but I've never stamped something that large before"..   boy did I get a look...  tee hee!!

You just have to smile..  it makes them wonder what you're up to!!   Hope that wherever you are that you're having a fabulous day!  Don't forget to take time out to stop and stamp the flowers..   :)


Michelle said...

oh, congratulations! that's awesome.
just an FYI, though... Jen's promo back to councelor was actually due to her awesome sales and nothing to do with your promo...:)

Tammy @ the FamilyZoo said...

I know Michelle ;)

James was mostly being facetious. Was joking that I'd have to tell her she owes me a bonus for giving her a boost. He was only teasing though -please don't beat him.