Monday, 18 April 2011

Good Monday Morning! Good Things Are Coming...

I've had the pleasure of having a chance to have some long over-due catch-up chat with a couple of my craftiest friends over the last week.  I also had the chance to text message with one of my best friends since my early 20's..  many smiles and giggles shared as we recounted some of the early days of our friendship.  

I am amused in how a casual conversation about this craft we love and suddenly the wheels are cranking at such a velocity that I'm wondering if perhaps seat belts and safety gear are required.  An idea can be born, shared and then suddenly it's gone from a blip on the distant radar and almost to fruition - a fully formed plan in the space of a phone call.  

I'd love to get some t-shirts printed up that say "Powered by Creative Enthusiasm" because enthusiasm is truly contagious. I have always been one to feed (for lack of a better word) on the energy around me, and I've done well to surround myself for the most part with positive, creative people and good friends. 

I just love how with a good friend you can both go off in your separate directions for days, weeks, months, and sometimes years but when you come together it's almost like you never missed a beat.  It's timeless, effortless and more than anything comfortable.  I am so very thankful for these ladies and I hope that they know just how much they mean to me.  

I'm feeling pretty grateful this morning.  Thanks to my awesome teddy bear there is no functional water in my kitchen attached to a new sink, and dishwasher at long last!  He laughed at me all weekend for having so much fun playing with my dishwasher and washing everything as it was unpacked.  

I've got a few new plans in the works, new classes posted and despite the gloomy day outside, things are looking pretty good in my world.  I am taking sign-ups for new Stamper's Club beginning April 27th,  Scrapper's Club beginning May 4th, and a Big Shot Class running for 4 weeks beginning June 9th.  Check my Demo website for more info, or e-mail me. I will also post the upcoming Calendar here on my blog over the next day or so, but you can always find the latest offerings on my Demo site.  

Don't forget you can also shop 24/7 from my demo website and have shipped direct to you anywhere in Canada.  If you live in my area and would like to have your order combined with other orders to save shipping costs please contact me. 

Over the course of this week I'll be implementing some new features on my blog.  Stay tuned  :)  

Hope you find a little time this week to CREATE! 


Sarah Cooper said...

Conspiratorial ((((hugs))) that is all... *evil laugh* & You can blame Me later, as per the usual. lol

Tammy @ the FamilyZoo said...

Oh wow, now I've got permission too!! Gotta love that - but you know I'd have blamed you anyhow. "It's all Sarah's fault" but as Martha Stewart says "That's a good thing!".. :)