Friday, 20 May 2011

TGI - Friday! With a long weekend Chaser - Gotta Love it!

You may have noticed that I've been tinkering a bit this morning.  I'd set up networked blogs a while ago via Facebook but hadn't done anything with it, and I've been trying to streamline things a little bit more so that it's not a matter of manually re-posting things everywhere they need to be - even when it's something you love - it's still a real PITA sometimes.  

I apologize for not having posted promised pictures before now, for some strange reason my camera wasn't making a proper connection to the computer for the upload and this morning I finally stripped it of it's USB card figuring I'd do a work around and the card wouldn't read either - strangely enough when I put it back in the camera it worked fine and now the pictures are whirring onto my computer as I type this.  I have to wonder if perhaps I scared it into submission... well I can HOPE, can't I?  ;)

I've been working on some incentives and some features that I hope to make regular occurrences here on the blog including some new customer appreciation bonusses.  Keep your eyes on the blog - more to be revealed soon.  :) 

Here's a little inspiration for this rainy Spring day - there's a little family of robins that have made their home on top of one of our patio lights.  Started out with Mama and eggs, and then there were 3 little heads in there with her.  Come to find out this week there are actually 4 - and they've grown so big so fast they almost look like they're going to burst out of the nest.  When we stand at our kitchen sink we get a front row seat right out our window to see these little guys.  I thought I'd share. 


Michelle said...

Oh, look at that bird nest! so cool.
I saw your post re:Tim Holtz. the only places I've seen them in person is Auntie Em's, but I know Jenn at the Scrapbox carries a lot of Tim Holtz, though her prices are high. Sometimes there are really good deals directly from the Sizzix website. You can google Tim Holtz and watch his video tutorials...that's how I got started.
meanwhile i can cut a bunch of large tags for you if you want...that is the only Tim die I have.
BTW, his tattered flowers die is VERY close to SU Fun Flowers.

Tammy @ the FamilyZoo said...

Thanks Michelle! Actually I've been stalking Michaels watching for the Sizzix embossing folders. So many cools toys to play with but I really have to temper that with getting some use out of the many many toys I already have many that haven't gotten any air play.. :)

Maybe next time we get together we can play to do a die cut swap or something or just bring our dies and cut some out :)