Saturday, 25 June 2011

Countdown to Retirement.. Going Going Gone.. Updates to the Calendar..

These are the 2 pages that converted me from "I'll never be a
digital scrapbooker" to "Oh my gosh, I've gotta have it!"
While it's true, that I love my paper, and embellishments
way too much to part with them and go completely digital,
I do recognize that there are a great many uses for this
awesome digital application.
I thank my good friend and up-line Jennifer daily for proving
me wrong. Jen made these two pages for me to show me just
how easy digital creation could be.
Would YOU like to check out MDS?  Sign up for one of my
Open Stamps, or call me to book an appointment to come and
play-test mine.   :) 

 Can you believe that another Stampin' Up! Catalog year is coming to a close?  It's gone by so fast! I still have items in the catalog that I put on my wish list and I haven't collected everything yet!  It can't be time yet!  

...and then there's the matter of the retiring list.  I know we have to take away some of the current favorites to make room for the new and exciting stuff that's yet to come but don't they know I'm a packrat?  I want to keep it all??  

Suddenly I can hear our daughters singing in harmony "Boo hoo Muffin - too bad for you!"..  LOL  Remind me to have them tickled later, ok?  

In all seriousness though, there are a number of current favorites on the chopping block - thankfully I have a number of them that I will still get to play with after the ball has dropped on another Stampin' Up Year. Do you have all your favorites tucked away yet?  I have an order going in Saturday evening. Let me know if there's anything that I can order for you.  You can also order 24/7 at your leisure from my Stampin' Up! Demonstrator website at www.iscrapnstamp.stampinup.net  ~ Let me know if I can be of any assistance with placing your order. 

I've been working on my Summer Event Calendar this week, and have ventured a little into Fall also.  Lots of new classes, and techniques on the horizon..  here are just some of the highlights that are in play so far...
E-mail me for more info or to reserve your spot at my crafting table. If there is a particular theme or topic that has piqued your interest please let me know so it makes it onto the calendar and not into the bit bucket.. I'm still working out dates, but so far here are some of what I've come up with..  Your input is appreciated. 

There is still time to book a home workshop to host your own Farewell party - Depending on what day you're looking for, we still have a few days left.  You can host your workshop in your home, or mine.  You can also host a catalog party and collect orders that way.  Please keep in mind though that all orders in this case would need to be placed directly with me and not through my website in order that you get the proper amount of hostess credits. 

Until next time.. 

Don't just think it... INK it! 

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