Thursday, 28 July 2011

Well Hello Again I must be going...

I set out with my blog to post daily, and then decided that even if I managed to post a few times a week that would be OK with me.  Well I've learned over time that the best way to jinx yourself is often to announce your plan.  For me this week it was telling my teddy bear that I was absolutely not going anywhere that day that I had a list of things that I wanted to get done.  I'd gotten too much of the heat the day before and the idea of staying home suited me just fine.  Sounds good?  Sure!  Did it happen? Oh of COURSE NOT!  
My hubby's Mom called and wanted me to come over, which was originally the plan but I'd made the executive decision to stay home and catch up.  In any case, I decided I'd go over and lend a hand and get things done - be home by early afternoon and get cracking on *my* list which included working on my swap cards, cleaning a reptile cage and other assorted "to do's"..   

What actually happened wasn't anywhere close to that..   

Upon arrival, I climbed the few short steps from the garage to go into the house. That last stair is a bit of a jump up and I always put my braced leg up first - this was no exception - normally I use the railing to help boost myself that little bit to get up over the threshold.  Normally that works..  this time however, I inadvertantly missed the railing but didn't miss the cement floor and connected full force on it by way of my arm and shoulder.  

Given my still too recent almost year long "vacation" in hospital, I did NOT want to go to the hospital.  I had been able to sit up and I felt ok (though sore).  I couldn't however muster enough strength to actually get myself up off the floor.  Thank goodness for awesome neighbors; a friend of mine in-laws came in with a friend and had me back on my feet in only moments. 

An X-ray Tuesday revealed that I've cracked a rib, so I'm on limited function as far as lifting and lugging for the next several weeks.  I'm so lucky that my teddybear doesn't mind carrying my ScrapNStamp bags cause those can get HEAVY! 
I am aware that I had begun promoting a Christmas in July event that ended up getting forgotten in the shufffle and I'm sorry about that.  I am working on a promotion to make up for that.  

In the meantime, I'm working on my Swap Cards for 3 Wedding and Anniversary Card Swaps.  I'll try to share those pictures here over the weekend.  Would you like to receive a copy of each of my entries to the swap?  Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite thing about a wedding Celebration is and I'll draw someone to win!  

Thanks to those of you who have e-mailed wondering where I am - it's great to know that you guys notice when I am "missing"..  :) 

I'm working on setting up a Craft & Vendor Fair in Cardinal for Oct 1st with all proceeds going to benefit the Food for All Food Bank for more info Email me!  
We are still looking for 3 members for a Friday night Stamper's Club, and 4 members for a Tuesday morning Scrapbooker's Club -  Are you interested?  E-mail me for more info.. 


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