Sunday, 28 August 2011

Holiday Mini Launch Party! You're Invited!

Can you believe that the 1st of September is already creeping up on us?  I don't know where August went!!  I keep hoping that we'll move something in the Scrap bin and find the few weeks that we've misplaced but I have a feeling that isn't going to happen much as we might want it to.. 

The first week or so of September are a little crazy for us, so I'm putting off my own Holiday Mini Launch party until the 16th of September - Put the date on your calendar now quick! before something else comes along to fill up that little square box. To be honest, in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the last couple of weeks, my brain isn't quite into the holidays yet.  I'll get there, don't worry!

Come out to view a sampling of the new Holiday mini offerings, pick up your copy of the mini, make a few projects and meet some new crafty friends.  Check out my new additions to my inspiration station! 

My September newsletter will be available for pick up and will include a listing of my fall classes and events.  

I have already started picking out door prizes and draw items, and plotting..  

There will be more details to follow and over the next few weeks, there will be a few teasers here and there..  Stay tuned! :) 

2011 Holiday Mini Launch

Cost $10, or FREE with a $20 Purchase.  

Pre-register and receive extra draw tickets. 
Bring a friend and receive an extra draw ticket! 

E-mail iscrapnstamp@gmail.com for more info or to book your spot.

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