Thursday, 24 May 2012

We're Hiring! ~ Your Starter Kit - YOUR Way!

You don't have to want to be a demonstrator to buy our starter kit.  Many of my customers have purchased our "I want it all kit" to get a variety of products at a discount and have never sold a thing with it afterwards.  

Others prefer to collect orders from family and friends in an effort to support their habit ~  and of course there are also your career oriented demonstrators. 

Customize your kit, your way and then enjoy the benefits of building a business as big, or as small as you want to make it.  

Members of my Downline Team and "I want it all" Club receive additional training and support in downline meetings, swaps and incentives.  I also offer an additional perk of $5 off any of my regular classes, crops and events.  

If you think you'd like to sign up, or you'd like more information please contact me at your leisure.  You can also sign up directly via my demonstrator website.  Please do not hesitate to give me a shout if I can be of any assistance in answering your questions or placing your order.  

I'd love to make you part of my ScrapNStamp Team! 

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