Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Inspiration Station ~ Card Swaps to Inspire Your Creative Spark!

You're on your way out to the mailbox, and you just know what happens next - out comes the onslaught of Flyers, bills and other mail - much of which comes into the house and is destined for the big blue bin down the hall.. 

..but if you're lucky once in a while you find something truly special waiting for you.  Something crafty, something creative, something FUN!  Someone has sent you a hand-stamped card ~ *BLISS*

My teddybear often laughs at me when he brings in the mail, it's gotten to a point where I will ask him regularly if there's anything "good" in the mail.  Good mail comes in a few categories ~ penpal letters, cards, swaps, the occasional magazine subscription ~ it's all good.  There's so much of a difference in the day when you find these fun little surprises waiting for you. That pile of bills can surely wait, there's Fun-mail to be had.  This is the good stuff ~ you can't let it pass you by.. :) 

So with that in mind, I thought I'd start a SWAP!  If things catch on this month perhaps we'll make it a monthly event but for now let's see how things go. 

Since we're in October - I started thinking of all things Fall - My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Fall, Autumn Leaves and of course Hallowe'en..  but then I let my mind wander a little further into Remembrance Day and well onto Christmas.  Given that we're already October 1st, Canadian Thanksgiving will be long gone by the time these swaps hit the mailbox, but let your imagination go wild.  


You will make 10 identical cards with at least 1 layer of card stock or designer series paper on top of your card base and at least 1 embellishment (ribbon, buttons, brads, bling etc).  Fellow demonstrators are welcome to participate also. 

Use only supplies that are available in the current 2012-2012 Stampin' Up! Catalog or the Current Holiday Catalog.  This will make it easier for the recipient of your lovely handiwork to re-create your card at home. 

Please include your name and email on a sticky note to the back of each card in case the recipient has a question ~ or wants to thank you directly for your card. You can include the card recipe if you would like but it is not required. 

I will be taking sign-ups until Oct 9th, and cards should be in my hands by Oct 15th. Send your cards to  Tammy Wilson:  PO BOX 457 Cardinal, Ontario, K0E 1E0. 

I will have them sorted and back on their way within a day or two.  Please include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope for the same amount of postage needed to send your cards to me. If you are outside of Canada - please contact me to arrange payment for return postage.  

It is a good idea to enclose each of your swaps inside a Ziplock bag - should the envelope be damaged in transit this will help to keep your cards safe.  Please ensure that your name is on your envelope - this will help keep everything organized. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at iscrapnstamp@gmail.com.  I cannot wait to see your cards! 

Don't want to do 10 cards but still want to swap?  Contact me about doing a one on one swap!  

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