Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's Mowvember! Behold the 'Stache

Movember is here.  While I'm going about to run out and grow myself a superior moustache, I wholeheartedly support the initiative and will support it any way I can.. including promoting it. 

While the purpose of the event is to raise money for Prostate Cancer research,  I smile for a very different reason each and every time I see this logo posted somewhere.  That may sound crazy, but you see my father -- my DAD has had a handlebar mustache for as long as I can remember.  It has always been his pride and joy.  Few people were ever allowed to touch it - let alone have him share the secret of how he made the magic..  

I should mention here that my Dad doesn't have cancer.. just in case there was any confusion there.. 

As many of you know, Dad has been in hospital since June so his 'stash isn't getting the love and attention it normally gets.  In fact, one well-meaning nurse cut it right off at one point not realizing despite copious notes in the patient chart that it was not-to-be-touched.  I will never forget the look on his face when I came in that morning and saw that his handlebars had been removed.  I must have turned pale white.  He just kept asking what was wrong.  I *So* didn't want to be the one to tell him.  

I'd ripped a strip off the nurse that day telling her it was all well documented and she'd come back to me with "I didn't know how it should look".  I think she went paler than I had when I pulled out my cell phone and started flipping through some favorite photos I had loaded on my phone - like this one my Aunt took of Dad at the Highland Games a number of years ago..    

I'd like to take this opportunity also, to thank those of you that took the time to send cards to me for my Dad.  We sent a batch of them off earlier this week after packaging them all in our clear envelopes for safekeeping.  They arrived safely yesterday.  The nurses were amused that I'd sent a light-up pumpkin, a pumpkin garland, a metal spiderweb (as opposed to the messy hairy ones) - I wanted to be festive, not have the nurses send out a lynch squad for me.  The nurses set about decorating Dad's room right away, and I'm told that the cards are all decorating the window in his room.  

I will keep sending packages as they arrive.  We received some truly beautiful cards.  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days and lives to send a smile to a stranger.  It means more to me, and to our family than you will ever know.  

If you'd like to learn more about Movember, click on the Moustache icon at the top of this post to go to the Canadian Movember & Sons Site.  To learn more about what our local area is doing on the Movember theme ~ Check out the latest at BNTV-Brocknews ~ Support Movember if you can.  Our Dads, Uncles, Sons, Colleagues and Friends may depend on the efforts we made today ~ someday..   

If you're participating in Movember, or you know someone who is, don't forget to arrange BEFORE, AFTER as well as during the journey photos.  You'll sure wish you had when it comes to putting those memories into your scrapbook! 

Until next time..  Take care! 


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