Monday, 5 November 2012

Yesterday was another big day of working in the craft room.  Anybody that might have been wandering by an open window might have been thoroughly amused.   Some of the treasures that I uncovered made me laugh out loud.

Years ago, Stampin' Up! used to put out idea sheets and I'd collected quite a raft of them.  Along with them I found some mini catalogs from way back when I started, and later when I made the decision to join.  I'd forgotten that I kept all the mini catalogs that my friend (now up-line) had sent me way back when.  I put them aside so I can show them to her the next time I see her..  I’m sure she will laugh too!

I still have the very first stamp set I ever bought.  At the time I was a Home Daycare provider and “Heart and Home” struck a chord with me.  I loved the crayon lines that looked just like one of our daycare kids had drawn them.   I had a lot of fun with that stamp set!  Though, as I recall I hadn’t been to any stamp classes back then, so looking back at some of those cards now leaves me feeling a little embarrassed that I ever gave them to people..  but they were hand-made with love, and always well received. 

That was the start of my E-bay passion too – friends would mention this or that and off I’d go to hunt ~ before long I had a raft of mulberry paper, vellum, a huge lot of Pearl Ex powder in jars that I’m told will outlast me ~for much less than they were selling in stores at the time.   Oh the things I would create when I could get down to crafting.  The boxes came in like an army at times.  Oh boy, I had fun!

Though it has been a number of years since I jumped onto the Scrappin' Stampin' bandwagon,  there is always some new thing to learn, or a new technique that makes you want to dig out an old favorite and make it new all over again.  

I like to think that one of the things that makes me a good demonstrator is that no matter how long I've been at this "little hobby" that I have never stopped being an avid hobbyist, and at the very core of it, I have always been my own best customer.  

Much like you, I am always tweaking my wish list and figuring out my next order.  Deciding what makes the cut and into your craft room seems to be a continual process and we're all pretty sure the world is going to end when each year's retiring list is announced.  Isn't it funny how somehow in that moment we all jump on the Steve Jobs bandwagon and a frenzy erupts..

Isn't there always just "One More thing" we want to add to that craft room - you know the item we just HAVE to have.  

I saw a saying recently that said a friend will go shopping with you, a BEST Friend will help you hide all the stuff you bought when you get home!  Thankfully it’s never come to that in my house ~ my hubby couldn’t be more supportive of my hobby but it made me laugh just the same..

Do you recall the first Stamp set you ever bought? What was it? Do you still have it?

I challenge you this week to take it out and make something with it ~  Share it with us by posting a link on my blog below, or e-mailing it to iscrapnstamp@gmail.com

Til Next Time..

~ Tammy 

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