Friday, 27 September 2013

Catching Up in the Craft Room.. TGI - FRIDAY already!

I think I blinked and this week just flew right on by... 

Thanks to everyone who sent me notes asking how my father-in-law was doing.  I have long said that my father-in-law is part energizer bunny and everyone laughs.  He went in for back surgery early Monday morning, and was getting dressed to come home less than 2 hours afterwards.  

We always knew he was a rock star, but now lots of others know it too!  

He's had a pretty rough haul this year,  here's hoping for some sunny skies in his near future! 

The night before surgery, our hot water tank blew,  and in the midst of juggling my FIL called to say his Tuesday morning surgery was bumped up..  all while I was standing at the stove making a raft of sauce for a big family dinner..    Pile it on universe, pile it on!  LOL  

Along with those there were some great bits too ~  My 19 year anniversary of having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Hard to believe that it's been 19 years already..  time sure has flown..   

We also learned that our eldest daughter is pregnant and now we'll have a grandbaby to call our very own!!  :)    Mommy is hoping for a little girl, and Daddy is hoping for a boy..  Grandma and Grandpa are teasing that if they have twins they both win..  :)  

Honestly so long as he or she is happy and healthy, and available for spoiling, we'll be happy.  Baby joins big sister Adrianna who lives with her mother and visits Dad and Mom,  so we don't get to see her too often.  She's a sweetie pie though and she thinks the world of Grandpa.  On her last visit she was asking me constantly where Grandpa was, and could she come home with Grandma to Grandpa's house.  

There is something to be said for sweet little munchkins that tug at Grandma's heart strings... :)

A little girl would be sweet, but a little boy in Osh Kosh train gear would be adorable too.  Our Carebear says that her little girl could wear train gear too..  I suppose she's got a point there..  

Finally got the van unloaded from last weekend yesterday and got everythink back into the craft room.   Tonight I'll be down there working on my cards and filling the rack up before the next show.  Changing the calendar up a bit over the next few weeks.. is there something you're looking for?   Let me know and I'll try to plot for it! 

I've had some requests for favor boxes, and treat bags as well so I'll be working on those.. time to dig out some of the dies I haven't played with in a whlie and see where the muse will strike next..  :)

What have you been working on?

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