Saturday, 12 October 2013

Challenge Accepted - Shall we PLAY?

When my good friend and up-line demonstrator asked me to post our team's weekly challenge last week, I wanted it to be something a little different from the norm.   

After a little time spent pondering, my choice became clear -  Our weekly challenge would be an easy one... 

Where normally we'd have a card sample or sketch to use for inspiration or a colour combination to try,  this week I picked one of my big challenges.. I can't be the only one with this issue.. right?

You know who you are..   you see it... you love it..  you've just GOTTA have it... and then it sits.. and sits.. and sits some more in your craft box or on your shelf waiting for "Someday" to come so that you will choose it and create!

Over the last few months of working on my craft space,  I have found several such items.  In some cases some items I had to have so much that I bought them twice!  

So the challenge became...  "Take a look through your "Stash" or "Hoard" as some people like to call it..  Choose at least ONE item from your "had to have it" pile and use it on a project.  

The only catch?  It had to be something "Stampin' Up!"  -- either current or retired didn't matter.. but it had to be something that Stampin' Up offered at some time.  

I didn't end up having any time in my craft room with having everything from the laundry room/furnace area piled into the craft room while the hot water tank and furnace were replaced, but I decided that I wanted to do these challenges anyhow..  

My Crop Ladies and Club girls loved the cards we made last night, and each one used the challenge..   Win Win :)   

Check back a little later this weekend and I"ll post pictures :)  In the meantime, if you'd like to take on our challenge,  I'd love to see YOUR take on the challenge...   

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