Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Notice: We Are No Longer Associated with "Group Ordering One Company A Month" on Facebook!

It is with a heavy heart that I need to announce to my customers, that I am no longer affiliated or associated in any way with the Facebook Small Business Networking Group:  "Group Ordering One Company a Month". 

The premise of the group is that each member of the group would order $30 a month from the demonstrator of the month.  Each demonstrator would then have a turn to be the featured demo of the month.  Unlike other groups I am in, and have been in, this group left the demonstrator of choice as the hostess. 

I joined with both of the companies that I represent, which meant that I would spend $60 each month.  Pretty straight forward.  

The first month I was in, I placed an order with the hostess and waited weeks for a total, finally got the total and asked about sending an EFT.  I never heard from her again.  Next thing I knew she wasn't in the group any longer. 

The next month was better, I placed my order, and the items arrived as expected, but then came December..  it was a grab-style month where every demo got an order from someone.  One order came in for the one company, the other I never heard from.  When I asked the moderators what happened I was told that she'd left the group.  I'd placed an order and was awaiting a finally tally so that didn't happen either.  The moderators were not only not interested in doing anything about it, the one moderator actually berated me for daring to say anything about it.  I was gobsmacked. 

I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, though I watched several demos leave, and heard from a number of ladies how unimpressed they were with the group and how it was being run.  I figured my month was coming so I'd try to give it a little more time. 

Just a few days ago I was told that February one of my companies would be up - would I post my information.  So I did.  Yesterday I logged in to add something to it as our annual sale is upon us, and noticed that there was yet another posting about changing things up.   Our group and another were gone and were being arranged again.   When I couldn't find my name anywhere I asked the moderator.  

I was told that she had to make changes for the betterment of the group, and instead of addressing my questions and concerns with some diplomacy and caring,  I was once again berated for daring to question what she was doing with her group.  I explained that while I didn't envy her having to move things around yet again,  that she needed to understand also that this is our businesses that are being shuffled around and that this latest move had now cost me $300 in sales for February.  Surely she could understand that.  

I'd excused myself and said that I had an early morning and would be heading to bed.  Hoping that by morning she'd have a chance to consider what I'd said and it could be revisited.  

She never responded but this morning I found that the group was no longer listed,  and the moderator was now marked as Facebook User which would normally indicate that they were no longer on my friend list.  I messaged in the thread where she had added her co-mod (daughter) and I,  and it indicated the message had been seen but noone responded. 

The long and short of it is that by all accounts this group is an absolute nightmare.  The moderators involved truly have no concept of how to run a group, or how to communicate with the members that have joined.  There is NO networking, and absolutely NO concept of working together among the group.  Many of the demonstrators didn't post their information, and were missing out on the potential of a group such as this because they weren't checking posts or answering questions from potential clients.  With the lack of an administrator at the helm to direct traffic, the group becomes a mess --  with the constant unscheduled changes - -  the group, a complete train wreck. 

Like many that joined the group hoping swap sales with other demonstrators, and like many before me.  I'm now in a position of walking away empty handed and frustrated.  There was truly no need for all of the drama and garbage from someone that's supposed to be in charge.  Such a waste. 

If you are a member of this group and would still like to place your order with me, please let me know.  If I haven't already placed an order with you, I would be happy to reciprocate to fulfill at least that much.  Let me know.. 

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