Thursday, 24 July 2014

#TBT Throwback Thursday ~ Stampin' Up! Style!

I thought it might be fun to share a personal Throwback for this week's #TBT

Some of you will remember the die-hard anti-digital fe-type that used to grace the craft room. Yes, I am laughing as I type this..  

I have always been very much an in-your-hands play-with-the-paper and get yourself inky kinda girl.  Although I do consider myself to be somehwat of a computer geek, having spent an awfully long time in this hobby proving myself to be somewhat of the chatterbox that my Dad dubbed me way back when..  but this was different somehow..  

It seems a little funny to me now, since looking back at it, it isn't really much different from the variety of newsletter software that I've used over the years for a variety of groups -- in fact My Digital Studio would have been wonderful asset back then..   I was telling someone just the other day of doing newsletters back in the day when cutting and pasting LITERALLY meant I was cutting out Print Shop images and pasting them onto my page - then driving in to town to have them copied.    boy we've come a LONG way!  

In any case..  my good friend (and now upline) Jennifer was coming for a visit and offered to show me My Digital Studio - she was sure that if I just got to have a look that I'd see it differently.  I really didn't think it would happen but I agreed.. 

Jen needed a few pictures, but when I checked the laptop, I'd just cleaned everything off and didn't have much to work with -- then I remembered that I had just gotten photos back from a Brockville Women in Business Photo Shoot that we'd done a few weeks before.  They were the first professional photos I'd had done in close to 20 years and also the first quality photos of me post-gastric-bypass.  

In seconds, Jen had dropped those two photos into place and she turned her laptop my way to type something and I drew a blank..   finally typed a few lines and the page was done..  you'd hardly believe how fast that went.  

For the second page, I chose an ancient photo of me that my Aunt Shirley had shared with me when we were chatting online.  The photo was taken the day my parents and I left Montreal to move to Vancouver - I was just 2 years old. Hard to believe these pictures are almost 5 years old now..  time sure flies.. 

To say the least, I came away with a bit more appreciation for the program and it wasn't long after that I bought it for myself.  

I'm still a big fan of playing with paper and much like my catalog I want to have it in my hands not be looking at it online -- however -- I have made a number of projects with it to post online or send by e-mail to family and friends who I wouldn't normally get to share these things with.  

With postage costs getting higher and higher,  the possibilities for the digital creating are endless..   and not just for scrapbooks, and photos, but also newsletters, website banners, advertising and flyers..   the only limitation is your imagination -- and with wonderful resources like Pinterest, and Stampin' Connection -- as well as the My Digital Studio forums..   there is always fuel for the fire.. 

Would you like to check out My Digital Studio?  Book a visit in my craftroom and take her for a spin!  I have a variety of the downloads installed, and am happy to set you up for a play-testing session.  Just give me a shout! 

We can also set you up with a trial version of the software so that you can try it at home -  just let me know what you need and we'll get you set up! 

Hope your day has some Crafty In it!  

~ Stampin' Tam! 

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