Friday, 14 November 2014

TGIF - FOUND IT Friday with Stampin' Tam!

I don't know about you but I know my calendar squares seem to be getting fuller and fuller and I'm finding a bit of an increasing frustration in daily reminders of how few days are left before the snow flies, and before the chubby man in the big red suit visits and the holiday pandemonium will ensue.  In fact, my own dear hubby sent me a short video clip this morning of snow flying in Ottawa today -- Can you feel my pain? 

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly no Grinch, in fact we are quite looking forward to our grandson's very first Christmas -- so quite the opposite actually -- but I have become painfully aware of just how much can get piled on the platter, and how it can take over if you're not careful with the way in which things get piled on -- can you say JENGA!  

A number of my creative friends and customers have sent me a variety of Etsy, Pinterest, Indulgy and other links to inspire and mystify my creative juices and I have to admit that I often avoid such sites simply because a quick visit for an idea fix often ends up in many hours gone by the wayside never to be seen again - and lately there just isn't enough time for that. 

In our family's early days we celebrated "Fun Fridays" with our kids - which often saw us eating the traditionally "fun" foods (as the kids would say) like nachos, or tacos, often a movie, or special treat would be in play.  We've done Follow-Me-Friday or #FF in social media and message forum circles as well as Red Fridays and Casual Fridays in support of different causes.  

With my variety of work and volunteer assignments I spent an awful lot of time online during the week and I have to say a great collection of inspiration dances across my desk on any given day.  I thought it would be a wondeful way to share some creative love, and support some fellow creatives by sharing some of the fabulous ideas that I come across (credited of course!) each week so that you can be inspired too!  

With all of my volunteer and work assignments I do spend an awful lot of time online though and a great collection of inspriation dances across my desk on any given day.  I thought that it would be wonderful to be able to share some of this pure awesomeness via my blog via a Friday feature blog each week. 

Stay tuned - I'll dish up your first serving next week! 

I'll be at the Gallery all weekend, stop by and say hello :) 

Have a fabulous weekend everybody!! :)  

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