Friday, 3 February 2017

Announcing the Stampin' Up! 2017 Artisan Design Team

Announcing the 2017 Artisan Design Team

Each year, Stampin’ Up! invites demonstrators from around the world to become members of the Artisan Design Team; selection is based on projects and content found on their personal blogs.
If invited to serve, these demonstrators have the unique opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity throughout the year; additionally, they can look forward to influencing trends and crafting all over the world.
We’re thrilled to announce the names of this year’s Artisan Design Team.

Allison Okamitsu
Allison Okamitsu

Aurélie Fabre
Aurlie FABRE 2

Cathy Caines
Cathy Caines Pic 2

Dani Dziama
Dani Dziama Pic 2

Holly Stene
Holly Stene Pic 2

Jennifer Sootkoos
Jennifer Sootkoos 2

Jessica Winter
jessica winter Pic 2

Katy Harrison
Katy Harrison Pic 2

Kimberley Van Diepen
Kimberly Van Diepen 2

Louise Sharp
Louise_Sharp_Headshot 2 copy

Maike Ulbrich
Maike Ulbrich Pic 2

Martha Inchley
Martha Inchley Pic 2 copy
Mercedes Weber
Mercedes Weber Pic 2

Mindy Bingamon

Mindy Bingamon Pic 2

Miriam van Eyden
Miriam Van Eyden 2

Paula Dobson
Paula Profile Picture 2

Rochelle Blok
Rochelle Blok Pic 2

Shannon Lane
Shannon Lane 2

Sylwia Schreck
Sylwia Schreck Pic copy 2 copy

Tanya Boser
Tanya Boser Pic 2

Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment, ladies! We look forward to seeing your work in the weeks to come!

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