Monday, 31 July 2017

Catching up with my crafty friends..

Though I hadn't really made a big announcement, I was pretty sure that by now most had heard my "big news."  Aside from some personal notifications, I'd posted a few things about the tests on social media and had posted on my personal blog.  I was pretty sure most knew.. Until this weekend. 

I'd gotten a message  from someone that had heard a rumor and was hoping I'd provide some kind of confirmation.  (Insert laugh track here).

I've never been one to operate in rumor.  Perhaps a bit of a job hazard, but I much prefer living in hard facts, and leaving the innuendo and whispering for the folks who have nothing better to do. 

If you want me to know something, you'll tell me.  If I want you to know something, I'll tell you.  Life's too short to be sitting around whispering about people down the road you barely know. 

I always laugh when that meme pops up that says something to the effect of "Oh.. You didn't know? Maybe it's none of your damned business!"  Cracks me up every time.  #TrueStory material right there.

I'm not one to post a lot of med-stuff, I'd much rather post about my grandkids and crafting and the fun stuff life brings.  In this case it was important.  In the same week I found some hope in clearing up a med zone fiasco.  I was over the moon excited that I might finally be rid of the cyst we've been cultivating for the past 12 or so years, and that some of the mess left unfixed after my gastric bypass would be rectified.  God Bless this doctor for daring to be confident to believe it could be a reality.

In the same week, I would also get the news that I have breast cancer.   I was annoyed that I didn't get to enjoy the good news for a little while longer before getting more crap news, but I'm still putting one foot in front of the other. It's not the first time I've heard the words "You have cancer." It's been 23 years of med-zone "sh-tuff".  I've become pretty resilient.  

I've been told that I'll be doing radiation this time around which means I won't lose my hair.  This makes me happy. I didn't do well as a bald blond woman the last time around.  (Chuckles).   I still don't know how many or how often, or how far along it might be.   I won't know that for another week or so yet. 

I am taking solace in the fact that it grew fast, it was caught and extricated immediately.  I have to believe that this is not the way my story ends.  I have much left to do, and I refuse to give up my pen. 

For my ScrapNStampin' Friends:  Fear not.  I'm plotting for a variety of drop in play dates and crafting therapy as I've be affectionately calling it.  I may have to reschedule a few things here and there, but I know you guys are awesome and won't leave me in the time out chair too long. 

I've got Sunday Class/Club on the calendar at the moment for August, and I'm looking at August 20th for an all-day crop.  I won't be plotting much else until after my follow up appointment on the 9th so that I'll know what comes next. 

James tells me that the 9th will bring me luck as it's our 21st Anniversary.  August also marks 12 years since we bought our first home and moved to Cardinal.  We have much to be grateful for.  Here's hoping that lucky horseshoe holds up for another round. 

Please stay tuned.  I'll definitely be in touch!

Stampin' Tam! 

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