Thursday, 4 November 2010

Additions to my Collection ~ Inky Hugs for my Teddybear :)

Have I mentioned lately how much I love and appreciate my teddybear?  

When I started looking through the mini and planning for Christmas cards and upcoming classes my own personal wish list was growing longer and longer.  I got the brain fart to ask for Stampin' Cash for my birthday instead of having hubby go out and choose something.  I realize that sounds bad, but in our family birthdays end up being a chore.  Where I would go and pick out things month in advance, my hubby, well not so much. LOL   

For a month before the big day I get bugged and bugged for a wish list, which gets left til the last possible moment, so he's pressed for time and then has to rush home to evasively wrap whatever he's chosen.  Ultimately it ends up being a miserable week or so for both of us, and quite often he ends up deferring to his old stand bys and though you want to love and appreciate the effort - I can only own so many Sims add-ons and games that there never seems to be enough time in the day to play.  Don't get me wrong, I love playing the Sim games and I have them all - but lately I find that I've been revelling in my newfound mobility and have been enjoying my own return to my life -- I just don't invest the time in games lately than I used to. 

So anyhow.. after a couple of weeks of balking at the idea, hubby finally decided that if this is what I wanted that it was okay with him too.  I'd just put in an order for some items in preparation for my next Crop and upcoming classes, and started looking at the clearance rack.  Even as a demonstrator, my wishlist is long Long LONG!  :)  

I had been contemplating the Greenhouse Gala Tote but hadn't really committed - and then the Sign up promo came out.  I lucked out that a family member offered to buy the kit from me as a birthday gift. Well from me, and for me..  wow that sounds confusing.  

As I started whittling away on my wish list I did about 8 incarnations of the clearance rack and a punch order, and a lust-list order...  makes me wonder sometimes how some of these ladies in my up line promote so far, because I seem to spend far more than I make most of the time..   though I keep telling myself that once I have it all there will be nothing left to buy..  ha ha ha.. in my dreams, right?  

So if you're following with me,  I'd put in an order for miscellaneous odds and ends - glitter, brads, eyelets, ribbon..   Then I put in a clearance rack order - and then the kit.  My dad calls to tell me that he's sending me $100 for my birthday to do with as I like.  I'm getting really hyper now..  I'm joking to friends that the UPS man is really going to hate me soon.  

So i decide I want to make the most of my order and start picking out individual stamp sets and then the punches to correspond with each set and I come up with another huge order.  How is it that I can have been a Stampin' Up addict for all this time and not have any punches?  Well I have a few..  but not many..  and about the time I started to collect the punches were changing so I waited.  

So I go about making my list of items that I figure will carry me through til Sale-a-bration, and my hubby comes in.  He's looking at my list and asks what I'm up to so i tell him.  To my surprise he doesn't bat an eyelash. I ask if I can borrow from our savings and put it back over the next couple of months and he didn't flip like I thought he might. Not only that, but he told me to go ahead and place the order. I am in Inky Heaven!!!  Thanks honey!! :) 

So all last week as our big brown truck arrived almost every day, and the FedEx once - I unpacked box after box of toys and more.  Now my new crafting area is almost buried in toys and now I'm back to my least favorite problem..  Where do I start?  So that's what's on tonight's agenda.  The boys are off to the train club, and I'm down to the Inky Corner to plot for this weekend's Crop and next week's classes. 

Where a few weeks ago I was fresh out of ideas, now I'm finding I have a few too many so it'll be a trick to decide what I'm going to do first.  

I am also working on a re-write of my personal inventory - My Stamp Sets, My punches, my Big Shot and Sizzix Dies, Folders and such. It seems crazy to be carting so much to the crops so I'm going to really try and downsize some this time.  If there is something specific you would like me to bring, please let me know.  

The BigShot and dies/folders etc will all be there for sure, but if there's a particular stamp set - either current or retired, or a punch that you'd like to use      at my Crops just drop me a line and I'll make sure that it ends up in the bin and into the van. 

Seems strange to admit that in all my med drama, and in the middle of all the drama that life itself creates that I don't always feel that I've said Thank-you enough, or told him just how much he means to me.  He puts up with my clutterbug ways, and seems genuinely amused when he's caught watching us create.  He knows me inside and out, and loves me anyhow. The fact that he's stuck by me and supported me through the darkness and back into the light over and again and still smiles and wants to be here with me is a gift that I cherish always.  Knowing that I have that kind of support and love makes all the days worth living.  I am a truly lucky woman.  <3

If you don't hear from me later tonight, you'll know I got lost in the pile somewhere.  Don't come to look for me unless you want to play too! :)

Until next time.. 

Inky Hugz!

~ Tammy 

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