Monday, 22 November 2010

Good Morning! Fabulous Deal is UP!

You know me guys - I just had to sneak in here quick this morning and make sure that everyone got the BIG  news as soon as possible.

I'd normally put the whole PDF up on the blog but I can't use the snipit tool across the 4 pages like I normally would for one - so for now I'll just type the link in so you can have a peek.  I promise I'll fiddle with it to put the whole thing online upon my return.

Check this out - but grab a coffee first, you're gonna want to spend some time on this one!!  Check this out!!

Stampin' Up! Online Spectacular

To place your order visit My Demonstrator Website or give me a shout.

So we're off..  will check in with you all a little later tonight when we get settled in.  In the meantime, Happy Stamping!

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